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                                        Horses helping Humans 


We believe that everybody  has a right to be understood, be able  to make choices & develop and live a happy & successful life.

Our main focus is on setting up a SAFE environment for YOU to have an ENJOYABLE experience which will allow a clearer understanding of your SELF, and why you often face daily challenges . 
Through interactions with horses we become aware of our own emotions as horses  do mirror us.
Throughout these sessions horse trainer & coach Lou will guide you so you become AWARE of  all the POSITIVE experiences at your own level,learning about communication & self while interacting with our herd of WONDERFUL horses.

 Here at Wild haven ,Manor Farm you learn how to communicate with our  horses, in a safe,calm ,clear consistent way and at your pace, creating a positive learning experience.

 Building trust and respect between horse and human, has proved to be a transferable life skill.


Building a true heartfelt connection with your horse through( H.A.L.T) Liberty training

  "When you take off the  halter and rope all that  remains is
             the truth"
Horse agility

 Liberty training sessions 

Horses helping humans

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Lou is a Qualified insured: 
Horse Agility Accredited trainer and Masterson Method Certified Equine practitioner .