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                                                  Human & Equine Assisted Learning


We believe that every human and animal as an individual has a right to be understood and be capeable of making choices  to develop and live a happy & successful life.

Our main focus is on helping people to gain a better understanding of themselves through the interactions and experiences they have  with our horses.
 Here you can learn how to communicate with the horse in a way that the horse can understand, and you will learn much more about yourself in the process. 
We pride ourselves in our compassion and understanding and along with our herd of horses,  our passion is to help you to learn how to communicate more clearly by offering support ,whatever challenges there may be.

Team building games with our horses include listening to them and learning to read their non verbal signs of communication, problem solving & making some negotiations so your both in a win win situation 

We can also help with building self esteem & confidence.
Building ,confidence,trust and respect between horse and human, has proved to be a transferable  life skill.

 Having a clearer understanding of how the horses learn , build bonds and friendships, how they communicate through subtle signs and body language ,learning about their well being and emotions  has  proven to achieve a better understanding of human communication and can improve life skills

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