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                                    Human & Equine Assisted Learning

We believe that everybody  has a right to be understood, be able  to make choices & develop and live a happy & successful life.

Our main focus is on setting up a SAFE environment for YOU to have an ENJOYABLE experience which will allow a clearer understanding of your SELF, and why you often face daily challenges . 
Through interactions with horses we become aware of our own emotions as horses  do mirror us.
Throughout these sessions horse trainer & coach Lou will guide you so become AWARE of  all the POSITIVE experiences at your own level, learning about communication & self while interacting with our herd of WONDERFUL horses.

 Here at Manor Farm you learn how to communicate with our  horses, in a safe,calm ,clear consistent way and at your pace, creating a positive learning experience.

 Building trust and respect between horse and human, has proved to be a transferable life skill.

                                    Lincolnshire Horse Agility
Horse agility

 Liberty training sessions 

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Lou is a Qualified insured: 
Horse Agility Accredited trainer and Masterson Method Certified Equine practitioner .          

Building a true heartfelt connection with your horse through( H.A.L.T) Liberty training

  "When you take off the  halter and rope all that  remains is
             the truth"

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