Client Testimonials

Nov 2016
Hey hope you're doing well just wanted to say thank you again for the past 4 weeks attending your sessions i have enjoyed it just as much as it's helped me! Also wanted to let you know I got the job and i have to thank you for giving me the confidence to go into that interview and be positive and be able to give 100%, managed to not worry about it either i didn't get nervous one bit which is a big step for me! Hope to hear back from you soon, 
Many thanks
Aug 2016
‘Lou met my 5 year old son for the first time in late September. He had a wonderful experience. He really enjoyed the farm, explored the barns with sensory material and ran in among the horses. 
However, wh
at was most impressive about the experience was his engagement with Lou. Lou has great empathy and understanding of children with social and communication difficulties. She gave him space to explore and joined him in activities – in his case it was exploring her slides and the petals and buds on flowers and leaves. She didn’t direct but shared his interests and got down on her knees to his level. He visibly relaxed in her presence and towards the end when she was kneeling to give him a twig, he reached out to her for a hug and he spent 15 minutes sitting on her lap (directed by him) exploring her face and just ‘being’. He then said he was happy. Lou is wonderfully calm and makes great connections.
My little boy was smiling!’ 

Hi Lou
It's taken me a while to write my testimonial (from when I attended the weekend retreat) as felt I needed time & space to process what I had experienced & learnt from the experience. 
Wow, what a difference it has made. For the first time in a very long time, I am actually having periods during my day where I am starting to relax. I know I'm a 'work in progress' as I find it extremely difficult to slow down & to just 'be in the moment' but after attending your weekend retreat, I've found I have now begun my journey towards this happening more & more. You have helped me (through working with your amazing horses) to gain the valuable knowledge to look at things things in a completely different way & to just 'be' in the moment. 
The lovely people I was with on the retreat made it a genuinely incredible experience, I felt I learnt a lot of things from each one of them, especially from Karen, which really blew me away with her observations & connection made with your horses. For anybody wondering if they would benefit from attending a retreat, I would whole heartedly say 'do it' you won't regret it!! 
Thank you Lou, you are such an inspirational person, I will be eternally grateful you have have helped show me the way to start my own journey.


Would like to say a big thank you to Lou Wilks for the amazing experience I had yesterday. I had a beautiful and very mutual healing session with the handsome Monty. Am still in awe of how he dragged my attention to my damaged knee. Truly amazing and spiritual experience xxx

Hope you are well after your marathon weekend. I am writing to thank you. I didn't write last night when I got home as I felt lighter and calmer than I have in a long time. It was a lovely feeling and I wanted to stay with it so I just did dog stuff and nothing else.

Today I woke up and I still feel a sense of peace, I feel more grounded, refocused, calm and re-energised. Very hard to explain but I feel an acceptance now that I have been fighting and struggling with for a long time. I understand that a square peg is a square peg and a round hole is a round hole. Neither is right or wrong but a square peg will never fit in around hole. Again, neither right or wrong, it just is. Bingo! Acceptance.

This weekend has been amazing in the way you constantly bring every thing back into the moment. I have always been an over-anyliser/over-thinker find it hard to live in the day and constantly project!!! My fear, anxiety and depression are manifestations of this. The magic way that the minute by minute lives of your horses somehow seeped into me. Their calm and non judgemental acceptance of all of us this weekend has 
really made me think about my world view,  day to day and minute to minute.

I was in  the right place at the right time when my friend convinced me to come with her on your open day a few weeks ago. The opportunity arose and I decided to go for it. I am so glad I did. I have come a long way in two very amazing, unforgettable days. It is work in progress I understand that 52 years of conditioning are not lost overnight, but I have made a start and that feels really good

We, Linkage Adult Skills, received an email from Lou Wilks regarding her Autism Friendly Horse Experience programme. After a conversation we arranged a visit for our clients, a group of 8 teenagers/young adults with learning disabilities, autism and communication difficulties.

We were given a tour of the farm. Lou was brilliant with the clients. She was warm, friendly and welcoming; learning each of their names in record time. She completely understood their needs and limitations. Lou is very knowledgeable and clearly very experienced. One particular client was anxious as she had been kicked by horse in the past; however by the end of our visit, she had stroked, walked and kissed a horse.

Our clients thoroughly enjoyed their visit and are busy planning their next one.

Thank you Lou for being the professional that you are. The relationship with your horses is amazing. I personally found the experience very uplifting. I will definitely be recommending your programme to others.

Kind regards

Dave McMahon

I really enjoyed the evening we spent with the horses. It captured the unspoken challenges and rewards of establishing relationships based on cooperation, acceptance and being open to change depending on what happens moment by moment.

Best wishes, Dot

July 2016  I wish to thank Lou for providing a quite phenomenal and wonderful learning opportunity. Lou has a unique perspective and the ability to facilitate ‎an interaction between groups of people and the horses. The experience / interaction was a very calming environment and I personally enjoyed it very much. 

Thank you Lou, for giving your time and in providing this learning opportunity for our AICTP Network Group Members.

Warmest Regards

Lou i found your session fantastic, relaxing ,non pressured and a learning journey. I own a horse but have learned so much in a short time.There are ideas to take forward with my own family, colleagues, friends and those on my yard.
Thank you

Lou I have had an excellent night tonight, i found it very therapeutic and rewarding how your horses all interacted with me. I will feedback the wonderful work you do to all the team and social workers at work, as i work with young people on the Autistic spectrum
Thank you 

16.7 2016

Thanks so much Lou Wilks for today's agility session, I definitely learnt lots, & the things you showed me with Rhuari made perfect sense, to help us build a deeper partnership together. If anybody is wondering if they should give it a go DO IT, you won't regret it.

The Masterson treatment was amazing, I was in awe of how you worked with Rhuari & could physically see him change before my eyes.

16. 7. 2016

met Lou for the first time yesterday when she came to do agility training and a Masterson treatment on my daughters horse, it was great to watch her walk in to him,(never seen him before) and within minutes she had his confidence in her and walked him round without headcollars, leadropes etc. did agility things and he loved it. Then with the treatment she found his places that needed work and just *mended* him , we will be having Lou again to come and work with him, I thoroughly recommend people to get in touch to see her gentle, natural way of connecting with horse

Ben has been attending Lou Wilks horse therapy sessions since June.  He started his introduction to the horses in his own time which involved just being around the horses then stroking, cuddling and brushing the horses.
  Lou gave Ben space to adjust to the environment and engaged Ben in other activities in the classroom his favourite being the therapy ball.  
Ben is free to explore the area safely which includes a meadow, pond and tree house.  Ben has been riding a large horse bareback and with a saddle for about eight weeks, when Ben is riding Lou sings songs in time to the horse's movement which gains Bens attention.  Ben has just started riding a smaller horse in the meadow, when he is riding his face lights up.
   Because Ben is non verbal Lou has  photographs/symbols personilised to Ben ready to help him make choices.  I think when Ben spends time with the horses his interaction and eye contact is improved.  He has developed a fantastic relationship with Lou and gets excited when we arrive at the farm.  Lou has a excellent understanding of Autism and her teaching is very structured.  Lou does intensive play sessions with Ben concentrating on speech.  The horses have a calming effect on Ben and he really enjoys his sessions, when we go home he takes my phone to watch the video clips of  himself riding the horse! 

The first time Harry was silent....

At 4 yrs old and diagnosed with ASD I looked into ways to improve Harry's communication and social skills.

Lou spent a good 30 mins getting to know Harry before taking him on the farm. She was understanding his processing times and how he communicates. It's fair to say I leant things about Harry that I didnt know.

Harry is active all the time and doesnt stop until he sleeps....or sat on Lou's horse. It was magical and somehow mystical that Harry and horse were in tune with eachother. It was emotional to watch but an unforgetable milestone.

Thank you



I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you for coming to the yard today and talking to us , and I can personally say I learned things today and will be making changes to how i do things with tally and any other horses.

 I would recommend you to anyone your methods are great and you always have time to answer my questions THANK you so much 

Hi Lou. Thank you so much for a brilliant day. Indie and I were made to feel at home from the minute we arrived, Indie was so chilled and settled throughout. I loved learning about horse psychology, and being able to relate much of the learning to my work with children was a real bonus. Before the day I'd had a look at some photos from your previous clinics. My first thought was, 'I don't think Indie will be as chilled as those horses!', closely followed by, 'she'll never go under those ribbons'. It was such a pleasure to be proved wrong! Lovely to meet Emma and her internet horse too - what a character! xx

 Thank you for such an awesome day Lou. Not only did Jet completely surprise me at how well he coped with all the obstacles today we also have met some lovely like minded people. Jet will be dreaming of Indi tonight lol.xx

Hey, I really enjoyed the Anti - spooking clinic yesterday.. I definitely learnt that patience is key and that horses should not be forced or made to do anything they don't really understand! I will be using some of the techniques to bring on my young horse and help her to trust me x


Would like to say a big thank you to Lou Wilks for the amazing experience I had yesterday. I had a beautiful and very mutual healing session with the handsome Monty. Am still in awe of how he dragged my attention to my damaged knee. Truly amazing and spiritual experience 
Marie xxx
Masterson method

Hi Lou,

Just writing to Thank you for treating Phoenix. I've now played with and ridden him a few times since you treated him and he is a lot better and is able to move much more freely. His overall shape is looking a lot better too. Thank you! 

Rachael Morland... Parelli instructor

Since using Lou to treat my horse Sox the difference in her had been amazing, after her treatments I can feel a difference in her schooling immediately afterwards as she feels more supple and finds lateral movements much easier. I would definitely recommend the Masterson Method for anyone who competes in dressage as it definitely results in a happier more comfortable horse who is willing to work without resistance. Thanks Lou looking forward to seeing you again soon! 

Elle loved her Masterson method treatment on Thursday! She and i both thoroughly enjoyed it and after being lame for 3 weeks she has now come sound and is back in work Thanks Lou .

Frank, Jack and Tova each had a Masterson Method session today with the two very special and extremely talented ladies Lou Wilks and Vicky Devlin. Here is Jack looking very relaxed with Lou and letting out some rather large releases. What a fabulous day, thank you both so much xxx

Just to say how well Molly is going since last Masterson's treatment, she is fab, Callum can now ride her off the lead rein in and out of school, she plods on lead rein with the other kids. Callum had his 1st trot on her last night on a hack, no leader and she was fab looked after him, didnt bolt or buck and stopped when he asked. she is happier being groomed on left side too.

Hey Lou! Would just like to thank you for the advise you gave me! For those wondering I had bought a horse 2 weeks ago and he would not stand near a mountain block, I mailed Lou on Friday night and she gave me advise, I tried what she said on Saturday and he now stands at the mountain block and allows you to get on him! All thank you to Lou and her amazing advise!!

Horse agility

I would thoroughly recommend the horse agility day. The training definitely paid off as Oakley, unfortunately, caught his head when he was tied up that evening, ripping the stable door off onto him but from the day I could keep him calm and let him process what happened instead of him panicking and charging off which he would of normally (it could of been a lot worse, luckily he wasn't hurt). Also learning to walk with a purpose has really helped when leading him as he has a tendency to become quite bargy. Due to the success, we are thinking of building our own little course with things he doesn't like like curtains, balloons, bunting, flags etc. Thanks for the experience, would definitely go again and the pictures are lovely. 

The agility training day we attended was excellent! It taught me not to underestimate Riley as he quite clearly showed hes capeable of more than I sometimes give him credit for! I also found out he trusts me a lot more than I think and is quite happy for me to be his leader. We have come away however with a few things to work on and are planning  to have a play at home. Thank you for a great day!!

Spent about an hour and a half with Lou this afternoon at Manor Farm, with her showing me how to slow down and speed up a horse on lead rein and on the lunge line (walk, trot and canter with the lunge), with barely any physical contact other than giving him some fuss to tell him that he did a good job. she explained things and made sure i understood it and was happy for me to ask questions if i wasnt sure.
 We used her lovely sweet horse called eric and she had me practising leading him through obsticles such as walking the shape of the letter 'L' and kept practising that with no fuss, and then kept taking him between two rows of tyres, again, without any fuss. It was an afternoon well spent because i learnt things that had never crossed my mind before.

Really enjoyed today especially this afternoon practising the course of obstacles for horse agility with eric I am so happy with how we did considering it was my first time actually doing a course like that and even though eric is more used to it than I am I am so proud with how he did 


I found Lou's Horse Psychology evenings were a good balance of classroom work, discussion, practical demos, video clips and exercises to help us understand more about how to positively communicate with our equine friends and help us enhance peaceful and respectful relationships with them :

Thanks Lou  for the time you spent with the donkeys this afternoon. Very helpful therapeutic work and great advice from Lou for the cutest donkeys ever so we can further build our special bond and levels of trust :-)


Just wanted to share a wonderful experience I witnessed this morning. Lou with my very special boy. I honestly didn't think he would let you anywhere near him. So proud of what you achieved. Looking forward to further adventures next week. Thank you.xx



As you know I bought Paddy as a three year old in 2010 and had a bad fall after our fourth hack out, which resulted in me having a broken collar bone and an aversion to ridding him. So when we meet last week and you told me about Horse Agility, I was very excited. 

Visiting your farm today for the Playday was great fun, I wasn't sure what I was expected to do but with your help I soon got the hang of all the obstacles. The obstacle I found most challenging was the ribbon hurdle, as the horse clearly didn't want to walk through it with me. However I persevered and by using the Duly halter and pressure and release the horse and I eventually worked through our issues and he followed me through. 

I know if you hadn't of been stood close, talking me though the techniques and giving me encouragement I would have given up long ago. I definitely felt more connected to him after our experience, as I felt he trusted me enough to tackle the hurdle after what seemed an age. 

So thank you for being so patient and showing me that with little perseverance and the correct technique both handler and horse can work together to over come their fears. 

After a two year search, It feels like I have found something both Paddy and I can do together without me feeling guilty about not ridding him. I am now looking forward to working with Paddy and sharing what I have learnt today.

Many thanks

Maggie (May) x

Thank you for such a great morning, Arnie and I have learnt a lot, we have achieved much more than I expected. On our first step towards "Horse Agility" Martin felt he also picked up a lot by watching and listening he's definatly up for starting Tiggy. 
I would like to join the club, and we are free for the weekend event on the 26th August.
Look forward to meeting you again in the near future

kind regards Dawn and Martin

My daughter Lydia & I are writing to thank you for such a wonderful experience at your Open Day on 1st April 2012. As an experienced young rider Lydia (who i nearly 13 & has been riding for 4 years) is very interested in Natural Horsemanship, and she found meeting you both inspirational and confidence building in her desire to proceed with riding & caring for horses in this way. 

Whereas myself – who knows very little about horses and as a non rider, I found you to be both patient & informative in explaining your methods & ethos, in such a confident and practical way that I as a lay-person could understand fully your practice. I felt that I gained a real insight into natural horsemanship, and a better understanding of why my daughter wishes to proceed in this way with her riding & love of horses. 

The location of your home & business lends itself wonderfully to the care and training of your horses, all of which were extremely relaxed and approachable, which was a pleasure to see. Their facilities are both beautifully kept, practical & in an idyllic setting. 

We cannot thank you enough for your hospitality, welcoming nature & relaxed approach. The time you spent with us was of no of importance to you which in itself illustrates your passion for your vocation & nothing was too much trouble. We very much look forward to attending workshops, courses & open days in the future.

Many thanks

Kindest regards


Hi Lou, 
Thank you so much for the demo on Sunday, we really enjoyed meeting you and your horses and found the demo very interesting, it's so nice to know that someone else thinks the same way as us about horses, we felt very re assured that our training was on the right lines, we will hopefully try to arrange to come to one of your classes in the near future, there is much for us to learn from you. 
I (steve) especially loved meeting 'Wispa' the little wild welshie, i felt she was trying her best to trust me, even letting me touch her and stroke her a little, she reminded me of our little welshie, 'Lucky' who was so very fearful when she came to us, but is now so loving and trusting, to the point of wanting to groom us or just lay down with her head on our lap, it is such a privilege and so rewarding to take a pony from being so afraid to being totally trusting with you. 
we wish you every success in the future, if you are ever in our area please feel free to drop by and meet our horses. 
best regards, 
Steve and Tricia 

Belle arrived with us from the French pyrenees mountains,in foal and with a foal at foot in Dec 2009.
Completly untouched, covered in sarcoids ,branded twice and her ear clipped, terrified of man, however very inquisitive.
Once the foal had been weaned,we waited for baby number 2 to arrive,this happened mothers day 2010,  still no human contact.
We carried on in a routine that Belle fitted into, even without the handling she seemed to know what was expected of her, once baby  number 2 had been weaned there was no hormonal excuses for her not to get                 on with man, however the emotional scars ran far deeper.
Louise arrived on our yard one Monday morning, she started working with me and belle in the middle of the field with a friend of mine as an onlooker. I'll never forget the words that Lou said "When Belle comes up behind you and touches your shoulder with her nose, please  just stay where you are, don't turn round, don't shout out, just stay still!!" Yeah right, get real, I thought, this is the pony who's been here 2years and had no contact at all, if this woman thinks this pony is about to put its head on my shoulder??!!......Well.
I stood, then I felt the breath of this pony, her head was on my shoulder, as for Lou's instructions, I couldn't have moved,                    
shouted or anything else as I was in complete and utter shock, all except for the stream of tears that ran from my eyes with emotion.
We're into our 2nd week now and we continue to gain Belles trust, yes, she has changed and i can now see a future for her.
Lou has taught us how to respect each other. and question each others needs. Thank you Lou
                                               Debra, North Ferriby

 Horse communication day

Just thought i had to say thank you for yesterday and your introduction to horse communication.I went over your principles with the dogs and it worked great for them too! The one thing i will always remember is your rule of T.C.P- Timing Consistancy and Patience and you are so darn right!
The "No" game was really good too and on reflection taught me a lot.i would recommend this day to anyone even those who aren't horsey.
I look forward to you working with my horses and in the near future expanding my knowledge to help me have a better relationship with my horses both on the ground and ridden.

kind regards

Val Bell

We both had a fab day and really enjoyed it! The day went very quickly and we were both sorry the time seemed to go so fast, your passion and knowledge really comes through as does your honesty and your integrity. Mum was impressed!!!!

1st Home visit march 
It was a really interesting day thanks Lou! Flo is no longer showing her displaced behaviour and is actually interested in what we want to do and has a little more enthuiasm about her walks out! Daffy is looking far less defensive when we are in 'his' space and we have ordered 2 dually halters today! When you coming next?? xx

Beccy xxx

Dear Lou,

Thankyou so much for dropping everything and coming to me at short notice on thursday. I really appreciated the quiet, considerate manner you handled my horse with and how you actually listened to me as an owner, something I feel is very rare in the horse world! You gave me lots to work on and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Kind regards,


Beano's story
I was given Beano as a veteran at the ripe old age of 19. He had all these years experience of how not to be caught by anyone before I met Lou. It wasn't uncommon to have to empty the field of all other horses before taking a bucket of food before you could get anywhere near him to get a leadrope onto his headcollar. This would often take best part of 1 hour. Beano would also lul you into a false sense of security by walking up the field,(once you had finally caught him), and then pulling away at the last minute disapearing into the distance as if to say "na na fooled you! ".
Beano came to manor farm on livery with his catching issues plus a whole pocket full of other "tricks" which would commonly label his as a "difficult / problem" horse. He was definatly a characterful grumpy old man. With Lou's patience and understanding this once grumpy old man is now much happier being a horse and for the first time ever in his life he runs free with no headcollar on and will actually come to me to be caught!!. I never thought I'd see the day!
Well it goes to prove that you can teach an old horse new tricks thanks to Lou x