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                                                          Friday 5th Aug Autism freindly open day with horses
Bring a picnic
Manor Farm 
Come along with the family and have your own horse experience and see how the horses interact with us, no horse experience needed just an open mind & heart bring a picnic and blanket and have your lunch here with us
. Horses allow us to "just be" and by allowing them to be at liberty and live outdoors as a herd we truely experience what they can offer us in return it's all here ready to explore, so come along and have your very own safe, calm, fun,learning experience.
Horses are non judgemental non verbal prey animals that give us immediate feedback & recognise our emotions, they help us to be in the present moment and to be calm & "JUST BE".

To express your interest in attending and how many people will be i
n your party please message Lou 07940131078 or message on this post , to help us have an idea how many will be attending , there is no charge for this day we just ask you let us know how many will be coming along so we can make it a great day for everyone :) We are insured and DBS registered

Lou Wilks is Based in a small village in North Lincolnshire with her husband 3 children 2 dogs and rabbits she works from her family home set in 10acres,and has a friendly relaxed approach .
She specializes in communication between horse and human.
An inspiring natural and calm teacher Lou uses her herd of 7 horses and with her established in depth principles of equine behaviour and psychology both equine and human, has set up a NATURAL,SAFE & CALM environment so you can have POSITIVE, EFFECTIVE experiences which can help you to overcome personnel daily challenges .

Often we can be faced with situations that seem unmanageable or out of our control. We can only deal with these situations with the understanding, knowledge and training we already have or is available to us at the time.
However if that knowledge is not clear enough and we still feel that we can't find the answers we want, often we become frustrated and angry or worst case to give up often leaving us with many mixed emotions and no solution!!!.

During your session you will have experiences that will help you resolve certain issues, calmly and effectively,and learn coping strategies and because the horses give us instant non judgemental clear feedback it allows us time to process our thoughts without interruption .
Working through these learning experiences allows you to feel for yourself what you need to address in order to be able to cope in certain situations.
These learnt experiences can help give you the answers you have been looking for,to build your self confidence and enable you to deal with other daily challenges calmly and effectively.
Ben has been attending Lou Wilks horse therapy sessions since June. He started his introduction to the horses in his own time which involved just being around the horses then stroking, cuddling and brushing the horses.
Lou gave Ben space to adjust to the environment and engaged Ben in other activities in the classroom his favourite being the therapy ball. 
Ben is free to explore the area safely which includes a meadow, pond and tree house. Ben has been riding a large horse bareback and with a saddle for about eight weeks, when Ben is riding Lou sings songs in time to the horse's movement which gains Bens attention. Ben has just started riding a smaller horse in the meadow, when he is riding his face lights up.
Because Ben is non verbal Lou has photographs/symbols personilised to Ben ready to help him make choices. I think when Ben spends time with the horses his interaction and eye contact is improved. He has developed a fantastic relationship with Lou and gets excited when we arrive at the farm. Lou has a excellent understanding of Autism and her teaching is very structured. Lou does intensive play sessions with Ben concentrating on speech. The horses have a calming effect on Ben and he really enjoys his sessions, when we go home he takes my phone to watch the video clips of himself riding the horse! 

Lou I have had an excellent night tonight, i found it very therapeutic and rewarding how your horses all interacted with me. I will feedback the wonderful work you do to all the team and social workers at work, as i work with young people on the Autistic spectrum
Thank you