Horse Agility Events

What is horse agility?

Horse Agility consists of 10 obstacles, plus a control of paces section (at starter level only as 
of 2012).  The obstacles are laid out in an enclosed area. Using a halter/head collar and line 
(which must be at least 10’ long) the handler leads the horse over, through and around the 
obstacles and their horsemanship/ relationship is scored by an accredited judge.  No sticks 
of any sort are to be used in the competition phase. 
No previous experience is necessary but attending courses and play-days affiliated to the 
Horse Agility Club of Great Britain will prepare you and your horse to play safely while you 

All handlers must wear hard hats and suitable footwear in all classes.

Example obstacles are:
Backing up down a lane of poles or over a pole
Carry a load
Small jump
Walk through a narrow gap
Walk over a podium
Weaving through cones
Through curtains
Walk over a bridge (First Level Only)
Walk into and through a Trailer (First Level Only)

 visit the Horse Agility website for more details.

Find us on facebook Linconshire horse agility club right click on this link to go to page

To book a group event at your venue contact us for details

we are based in Linconshire but will travel to your yard

As a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer (HAAT), I am authorised by the Horse Agility Club of Great Britain to run training days and competitions.

What is a H.A.A.T? 


 These are hard working dedicated trainers who believe passionately in the ethos of Horse Agility and are not only available to train you and your horse, but also to organize, run and judge affiliated Horse Agility Competitions.

The Club is growing rapidly and these trainers are vital to maintain the high standards we have set to build an ethical equine sport worldwide.


The Horse Agility Team is delighted to be working with these dedicated individuals and supporting them in their work.


You can find out if there is a HAAT near you by going to:



Trainers need to fulfill a number of criteria to become Accredited by the Club:

They need to be competing at Advanced Level or above in The Horse Agility Club Competitions.

They need to already be teaching horsemanship/riding/equestrian pursuits and have an established client base.

They need to be insured to teach these horsemanship skills, or have an indemnity form that is acceptable in their country.


Most will already have an established and active website.

The Club requires three references from students, and to see a short film showing the trainer teaching a human and horse combination a task that the club has set for them.

There is also one written exercise on how the trainer would approach the teaching of a handler and horse to negotiate a new obstacle.


Details of Horse Agility competitions and training days can be found further down this page.

If you'd like me to come to your venue to run a training day or competition please do contact me! Alternatively, if you have a suitable venue in mind, I'd be happy to hear about it!

To ensure everyone receives one to one training groups are limited to 8 people min & max

Lou Wilks 07940131078



 please email to enquire about dates & prices

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Manor Farm, East Halton, DN40 3PS

Trainer Lou Wilks


2days agility training with Lou Wilks Accredited Trainer

Mini competition with prize giving

Livery for your horse.

Light lunch both days

Free overnight camping with shower& toilet facilities

Full use of all equipment including our Wild Agility cross country course.

Optional Fabulous riding over miles of off road  tracks towards the humber bank in the evening!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         visit the Horse Agility website for more details

                                                                                                                                                                                                  on how to purchase this book

IT'S HERE AT LAST WILD HORSE AGILITY !!                      

For the more advanced or adventurous we have our wild agility course.

Set in the woods around the outside of our 10 acre paddocks here at Manor Farm North Linconshire is our wild agility course. 

With natural jumps , water crossings, steep bankings to negotiate,overhanging branches to dodge and lots of trees for weaving in and out of.

You can also try it with your horse at liberty as we are all safely fenced in if the inevitable happens !!




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