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 Individual Liberty training sessions £35  per session

Experience a true heartfelt connection with your horse through( H.A.L.T) Liberty training

            "When you take off the halter and rope all that remains is the truth"

Book your Horse Agility Fun Playday at your yard or here at Manor Farm.

A minimum of 6  people together for only £45 pp 10am - 3pm with a mini competition  optional) everyone will receive a rosette & it's a fun day with your friends and a chance to bond & have a fun with your horses.
The day will also include a short introduction to Horse Psychology before the session begins, to set you up for a successful day with your horse
Lou Wilks is a H.A.A.T (horse agility accredited trainer) Accredited by The Horse Agility club Great Britain.
We Are Based in North Lincolnshire however Lou will travel anywhere in the uk just split the travel cost between the group at 40p a mile from Dn40 3ps .
The main Organizer who contacts me to make the bookings and organises deposits will receive discount.
All horses of any level & age and people of all ages & level of horsemanship welcome, under 12's must be supervised by an adult.

What is horse agility?

Horse Agility consists of 10 obstacles, plus a control of paces section (at starter level only as 
of 2012).  The obstacles are laid out in an enclosed area. Using a halter/head collar and line 
(which must be at least 10’ long) the handler leads the horse over, through and around the 
obstacles and their horsemanship/ relationship is scored by an accredited judge.  No sticks 
of any sort are to be used in the competition phase. 
No previous experience is necessary but attending courses and play-days affiliated to the 
Horse Agility Club of Great Britain will prepare you and your horse to play safely while you 

All handlers must wear hard hats and suitable footwear in all classes.

Example obstacles are:
Backing up down a lane of poles or over a pole
Carry a load
Small jump
Walk through a narrow gap
Walk over a podium
Weaving through cones
Through curtains
Walk over a bridge (First Level Only)
Walk into and through a Trailer (First Level Only)


As a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer (H.A.A.T), I am authorized by the Horse Agility Club of Great Britain to run training days and competitions.

What is a H.A.A.T? 


 These are hard working dedicated trainers who believe passionately in the ethos of Horse Agility and are not only available to train you and your horse, but also to organize, run and judge affiliated Horse Agility Competitions.

The Club is growing rapidly and these trainers are vital to maintain the high standards we have set to build an ethical equine sport worldwide.


The Horse Agility Team is delighted to be working with these dedicated individuals and supporting them in their work.


You can find out if there is a HAAT near you visit the Horse Agility website 

Testimonials 2016

I've had a brilliant weekend doing horse agility with Tom , amazing the results we got in just 24hrs from a horse with big bulge eyes and very tense to one who confidently walked around all the obstacles and felt very comfortable and safe in his surroundings. Incredibly rewarding, can't wait til next month! Huge thanks to Lou 

I have had a fantastic weekend! Two days of Horse Agility. Banna was fab! Met lovely people enjoying their relationship with their horses. Lou Wilks you're a super teacher! Can't wait for the next time

I only managed 1 day but it was fantastic. Never thought I would see my girl,doing some of the stuff she did today.
Thank you

Have had a great time and have learnt so much, thank you Lou Wilks for your knowledge and patience

Thankyou so much Lou, loved it and Tom massively benefited from it. We're both looking forward to next month 

Thanks so much for yesterday, I felt that I was walking around on cloud 9, especially 
'our moment' on the bridge, it was 'up there' in my 'top ten' precious moments of my life 
I can't thank you enough for helping me along my journey with Rhuari

Another great agility session yesterday with Lou and Rhuari,so happy to see Joanna doing the at liberty work, Rhuari really chilled and wanted to do what she asked of him, he looked so proud standing on the bridge .What can I say about Lou? she is the most caring, passionate person teaching and treating horses and humans!! will look forward to seeing her again so thank you Lou xx